Tartans & Crests

Ian C. MacLeod has kindly provided an updated "MacLeod Tartans-Summary" document that he prepared and which describes the 30 registered and 3 unregistered MacLeod related tartans that he was able to find. I am sure that everyone will find this very interesting and a couple of links are here for your viewing enjoyment.
MacLeod Tartans-Summary

Here is a link to a complete view of MacLeod Badges, Mottos and Coats of Arms.

MacLeod Badges, Mottos and Coats of Arms

For those thinking of buying a kilt or just wanting more information on kilts and tartans we highly recommend reading "Kilts & Tartans Made easy" written by Dr. Nicholas J. Fiddes. Please take special note of the copyright conditions Dr. Nicholas J. Fiddes (c) 2006 attached to this document. It may be freely copied and circulated only in its entirety and in its original digital format. Individual copies may be printed for personal use only.

​A copy of this document can be downloaded from www.clan.com and a direct link to the document is provided below.

Kilts & Tartans Made Easy written by Dr. Nicholas J. Fiddes

Registration and Weaving of New Tartans (2003)

The Register of all "Publicly Known Tartans" is defunct, but the function has been taken over by the "International Tartan Index".

The Scottish Tartans Authority will, upon request, work with applicants on designing and registering tartan.