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The 19th Clan MacLeod Parliament Dunvegan, Isle of Skye July 22nd – 29th July 2023

Join the Clan MacLeod at our Clan Parliament on Skye in July 2023. Experience a week of friendship and clanship, with outings, ceilidhs and events for all members of the family. For the latest updates please follow the link below to the ACMS website:-

​Leaving Home 2023 Centenary Year

​​​The year 2023 marks the Centenary year of the Historic Hebridean Emigration of 1923/24 to Canada on  the steamships, The Marloch, The Matagama and The Canada. The summer of 2023 will mark this historic moment in Hebridean history with Exhibitions, Musical, Set and Library Events culmination with Tattoo Metagama to be held at Lewes Castle Green, Stornaway, Scotland on 11th & 12th August 2023. The 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band from Toronto will be attending to mark this auspicious occasion. for further details please see link below:-

Leaving Home 2023 Centenary Year

​Lt. Alan Arnett McLeod V.C. World War 1 Aerial Hero

​​On Tuesday May 9, 2017 a special commemorative monument will be dedicated to the life of Lt. Alan Arnett McLeod V.C. The commemoration will take place at the grave site of Alan Arnett McLeod, which is located in the Historic Kildonan Church & Cemetery situated at 2373 Main Street, Winnipeg. The dedication ceremony will start at 10:30am and will be followed by a reception in Nisbet Hall, which is part of Kildonan Community Church, just north of the cemetery. Officials from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the Canadian Armed Forces will be present. Attached are further details and any Clan MacLeod members are of course invited to attend.

A local hero remembered, Lt. Alan A McLeod V C 

​New Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada website

New website went live on 14th April 2017. Please send us your feedback and any articles you would like to see on our website. 


NEW TARTAN: Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada
Ian C. MacLeod Past President (2004-2008)
of the Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada.

With the support of, and input from, the Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada (CMSC), I have designed, and registered with The Scottish Register of Tartans ( a new tartan called "Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada" (December 15, 2014, under #11191). 

Here is the rationale for the choice of colours:

1. The background is a large grid or base of red and white, being Canada's National colours (most notably in the Canadian "Maple Leaf" flag);

2. Another symbol of Canada is the maple leaf, and it's fall colours, mixing green, red and yellow.  Those colours have been included;

3. The three main tartans of the Clan MacLeod are predominantly green/blue (Harris), black/yellow (Lewis) and black/red (Raasay).  One set of crossing lines is black and yellow and the other set is green and blue, which, with the red background, pick up all those colours.

4. The tartan is intentionally bright - reflecting our outlooks as MacLeods and Canadians.

I am also coordinating have the tartan woven.  A minimum order of 25 metres will have to be placed.  At a 58" width, slightly under 4 metres would be needed for a kilt.

The "all in" price per metre (13 ounce weight) is Can$75.00, including shipping to you, and taxes.  

As such, an outlay of Can$300.00 would get enough tartan for one kilt.  You would then have to have it made into a kilt.  Smaller orders, for sashes, women’s skirts, etc, can also be placed.

Once the order is placed, it would be up to 16 weeks for delivery of the tartan bolts to Canada. The bolts would then be cut to order, and those portions reshipped to the individual buyers, so perhaps another 4 weeks.  If the order is placed by June 1, it should be home delivered  by about November 1.

This would be a great addition to any other MacLeod tartans you have, or even a first time tartan.  We will in all likelihood only do one run of weaving in the foreseeable future, so anyone wanting this new tartan would have to pace the order now.

Please contact me (Past President Ian MacLeod) at or 604-273-4238 with any orders, by no later than May 31, 2015.  Payment should be made directly to me, at the time of ordering.  Partial pre-payment will have to be deposited with our agent at the time of order, with the balance payable by me to them at the time they do the cutting to order, and reshipping.

I have also updated "MacLeod Tartans-Summary" document that I prepared and which describes the 30 registered and 3 unregistered MacLeod related tartans that I was able to find. Please see this new information under the Tartan and Crests tab.

Ian C. MacLeod