What is a Sept?

This is one of the most common questions people ask. Essentially, a clan is a collection of families, living in a more or less defined area and loyal to a specific chief.  The most powerful family (which is also usually the wealthiest) carries the name of the clan - in our case MacLeod.  Other families that belong to the clan are referred to as "septs.”

Just because your name isn't MacLeod doesn't mean that your family isn't part of the clan!  Likewise, even if you share a sept name you might still not be of a family that was specifically involved with the Clan MacLeod.  We encourage you to research your personal genealogy, itself a fascinating and rewarding experience. There are a number of websites dedicated to the history of family and sept names a couple to get you started are:

The Associated Clan MacLeod Societies - ACMS : 

ACMS Septs

Clan MacLeod Society of USA: 

Clan MacLeod USA Septs

Above all, we remain welcoming to all persons who express an interest in joining the Clan MacLeod.