MacLeod of MacLeod

The MacLeod of MacLeod Chiefs have had an uninterrupted lineage to Leod in the early 13th Century.  The last 3 MacLeod of MacLeod Chiefs have been :-

Dame Flora - 28th Chief, 1935-1976
Chief John -   29th Chief, 1976-2007 
Chief Hugh - 30th Chief, 2007-present

Following are a few brief notes on each:

Dame Flora (February 3, 1878 – November 4, 1976), 28th Chief, for just over 41 years, from Aug 20, 1935, on death of her father, Sir Reginald MacLeod, until her death on November 4, 1976, at age 98.  She was born at 10 Downing Street, London, the home of her grandfather, Lord Northcote, Chancellor of the Exchequer.  In 1901 she married Hubert Walter, of the Times, and had two daughters, Alice and Joan (Chief John’s mother).

Dame Flora reverted to her maiden name on the death of her husband.  Her elder daughter, Alice, married the chief of MacNab, while Joan, the younger, wed Robert Wolrige-Gordon, heir to Esslemont in east Aberdeenshire (she was Chief John’s mother).

Chief John (August 10, 1935 – February 12, 2007), 29th Chief, for just over 30 years, from November 4, 1976, upon death of his grandmother Dame Flora, until his death on February 12, 2007, at age 71.  See pictures and details on the attached file.

Chief Hugh (born July 24, 1973), 30th Chief, from February 12, 2007 (at age 33), upon death of his father, Chief John.  At the Parliament in 1994, Chief John’s son, Hugh Magnus celebrated his 21st birthday and was accepted as heir to his father.  Hugh’s mother was Melita Kolin, from Sofia (Chief John’s 2nd wife).  Chief Hugh is a film producer, with his wife Frederique, in London. They have a son Vincent, born in 2000.

Further details are contained in the attached file which is highly informative and we would encourage you to read.

MacLeod Chiefs.pdf