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Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada

Welcome to anyone who has chosen to visit this new website for the Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada (CMSC). We are working hard to maintain a website that will be current, useful and and also to make it an ‘alive’ place to visit, so please come back often. Thank you once again for stopping by.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the current President, Clan MacLeod Societies of Canada, for the four year term 2012 – 2016.  My name is Jim MacLeod.  I live in Ottawa, Ontario.

Why have you visited this web site?
  • Perhaps you are a MacLeod, a McLeod, a MacCloud, a McCloud,  – or any one of many other variations of the spelling, which can also depend on which country you or your ancestors live(d) in.
  • Perhaps you are from a MacLeod Sept – and there are many. (A Sept may be defined as a family member, associate or descendant ,  for example). 
  • Are you researching your family tree/genealogy? Did you every wonder :  "where did I come from"? 
  • Are you interested in Scottish Culture, traditions, music and/or dance? 
  • Do you want to introduce your children or grandchildren to their cultural roots? 
  • Did you simply land on this web site, while searching for something else entirely? 
Whatever the reason and however you got here –  a very warm welcome.

Please stay and visit with us for awhile, explore our website and please feel free to follow the various tabs that are on the home page and take a journey of discovery at your leisure. In particular, please use the "Guest Book" or  "Contact" page should you wish to make any enquiries or just make a comment. The events tab will take you to our calendar of events of various Scottish and Celtic celebrations across Canada and beyond.  Your feedback is essential for us to keep current and improve the website and would be most welcome.

Special thanks to Ian C. MacLeod, Past President of the Clan Macleod Societies of Canada, for his superb input and insight into Clan MacLeod matters. Ian has been gathering input for many years and without his outstanding contributions we would have been unable to produce this website. 

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